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Flouss AR


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Carthage VR and Treasure Hunt (gaming version)


Creation of cultural & education experiences 3D, AR, VR

Creation of cultural & education experiences 3D, AR, VR (Pattern or photo) DCX realizes your immersive 3D, VR & AR experiences according to your projects and your needs. To enhance your architectural and cultural heritage, to boost a world heritage site of UNESCO, to tell the History like a story for kids, to create a game to easy-learning a topic, to imagine the future as well…we produce and create animated, realistic, historical or fictional films for many use cases .


Audience Mediation

DCX offers an active and mobile mediation device for its creations, linking a cultural content and audiences, combining digital mediation and human mediation —through one or more workshops, in-situ mediators, in addition to technical equipment. The DCX experiences are inclusive and accessible to different audiences and the content may be adapted to different targeted audience (languages, level of information).


Use Case : Culture, Education, Tourism

Offer an unforgettable visit experience to each of your audience

DCX believes in the power of immersion, storytelling and interactive gaming tools to transform heritage and museum visitor experiences, encouraging repeat visit, facilitating direct and ongoing interaction and deepening knowledge transfer. DCX innovative approach is fully user-centred where interactive storytelling and immersive virtual experiences literally bring objects to life. A very wide public can experience the cultural site either physically or remotely, wherever visitors are, they can follow characters, look for clues and explore environments.To: Heritage sitesMuseumsHistory lovers

Offer a new learning experience to each teacher and student

DCX believes that the power of immersion using AR & VR is changing the learning process of historical topics among young people and can help teachers to simplify the material flow, stimulate the interest in learning and facilitate the involvement of students.To:Teachers and schoolsStudentsE-learning

Offer an emotional experience of history and heritage

DCX sees cultural heritage as a strategic resource for the society of the future and the economy, rather than a passive stock. Culture connects individuals to our communities and their history. Safeguarding and enhancing cultural heritage through VR & AR experiences can contribute to better understanding and social acceptance of a community, and strengthen sense of identity able to protect against exile or violence and to give resilience to recover from conflict.To:Cultural sites and institutionsArtistic spaces

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